Who We are

Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care is a community based Organisation (CBO) based in Epworth, situated about 15 km east of Harare, Zimbabwe. It was established in 2010 after a locally driven group of concerted individuals, came together to address the key problems in the area including poverty, scarcity of jobs, soaring crime rates, and a high death rate due to HIV and AIDS related conditions.

The death rate in particular was of concern considering it led to an increasing number of families headed by children. The founders wanted to do something about the high incidence of orphans and vulnerable children and felt a need to start an OVC focused organisation to provide support to vulnerable children in the community.

The organisation was fully registered as a Trust in 2010. In the last 5 years there has been a gradual increase in the community demand for Shanduko programmes particularly those related to practical needs such as livelihoods, and education. Some of these are symptoms of underlying problems of poverty or ineffective development programmes in the area.


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Empowering of the marginalized children in Epworth, Zimbabwe.

Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care is committed to promoting access to social basic needs, rights of children and empowering the disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.

In achieving its vision and fulfilling its mission Shanduko shall work under the following values

 . Transparency: All our work in the organization shall be open for public scrutiny and done in a clear and responsible manner for all stakeholders to analyze and comprehend. Regular updates to all stakeholders in various forms will drive this value.

 iii. Accountability and Trustworthy: States and other duty-bearers are answerable for the observance of human rights. In this regard, they have to comply with the legal norms and standards enshrined in human rights instruments. Where they fail to do so, aggrieved rights-holders are entitled to institute proceedings for appropriate redress of the situation in accordance with the rules and procedures provided by law.

 iv. Empathy: We shall always put ourselves in the situation of the people of the Epworth especially the marginalized children. By so doing, our efforts will serve our community better.

 vi. Team work and Participation: Ensuring that everyone has the right to fully participate in the decision-making processes that affect their lives, increasing access to do so by removing barriers and creating opportunities to influence/take part.