Our Objectives

Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care has objectives:
~ To provide psycho-social support to orphans and vulnerable children and through Home based care and counseling sessions.
~ To educate children, families and communities about Children’s rights and responsibilities through use of advocacy materials and training.

Our Core Business

In the last 4 years there has been a gradual increase in the community demand for Shanduko and the core business of organization is to provide Psychosocial Support to the marginalized groups especially Orphans and Vulnerable Children and Women and Girls.

Geographical Coverage

Geographically, Shanduko Yeupenyu Child Care current activities are focused in all the seven wards of Epworth. The organization can expand its activities to other areas when funding is available.
Shanduko will build its sustainability by working with already existing local structures. Epworth community has an estimated population of 161 340 distributed in 7 wards according to the 2012 preliminary census data



Psychosocial Support

Ending child marriages,

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene,

Youth programs

Sexual Gender Based Violence.


Shanduko Child Care organization targets beneficiaries are children under the age of 18, youth under the age of 25, young women under the age of 28 and other marginalized group at community at large